I for one welcome our heavily militarized Police State Overlords!

US Special Ops Have Become Much, Much Scarier Since 9/11

“A spy agency and kill/capture force rolled into one.”

I feel safer knowing that a President with a completely unaccountable and secret power to murder and eternally imprison people that he has decreed deserve it–on a battlefield that now includes my neighborhood–has more and ever more efficient instruments to spy on, well, me if the President decides I need it, and to capture and/or kill me should the President decide I am too much of a threat to the rest of you.  God alone knows the dark impulses that pound against the inside of my ribcage, silently screaming invective against the rest of my fellow citizens of the United States. It is so comforting to reflect on the fact that, should our Dear Leader decide to do so, he can lock down Seattle as they locked down Boston, declare a regional, or statewide, or national state of emergency and go house to house if need be, rousting out evildoers and dispatching them with kill forces without the necessity or expense of some stupid, liberal “trial” that just slows down the War on Terror and lets the People who Hate Us for Our Freedom win by tying up our resources by blathering in courts about “liberty” when we should be devoting the efforts of our society to creating Perfect Safety.

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  • John Barnes

    Mark, too many brave American heroes fought, bled, and died for you to be ungrateful toward the new surveillance and assassination state we’re building.

    • chezami

      Yep. That’s exactly how this will be sold. Our Ruling Class will tell us it is our patriotic duty to knuckle under “for the troops”. Meanwhile, the troops are being wrung out and thrown away by our Ruling Class.

  • Tom Locker

    I’m reading Belloc’s “Cruise of the Nona” and here is a short quote: “One of the tests of success in … government is to note whether the governors despise or admire the governed. If they despise them it is proof that they are unfit to govern.”

  • keddaw

    It’s funny that with a Democrat in charge the true liberals turn out to be conservatives.

  • keddaw

    It’s funny that, with a Democrat in charge, the true liberals turn out to be conservatives…