I have recently discovered these. Now I must see them all.

"Great post, Mark."

Not coincidentally….
"That is a miss characterization of my point. I never placed any limits on God's ..."

Raymond Arroyo: Derision Over Truth
"And what Brian W doesn't understand is that we have seen the way religious fundamentalism ..."

Raymond Arroyo: Derision Over Truth

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  • Shawna Mathieu

    Oh, you just now found Invader Zim? Say goodbye to a large portion of sleep for the next few days as you watch and laugh hysterically. If you have the DVDs, I HIGHLY recommend watching them a second time with the comments track…everyone involved on the show is extremely weird and funny.

  • Anthony May

    I’m pretty sure it was I that introduced you, and so you’re welcome!

  • ivan_the_mad

    My name is ivan_the_mad, and I approve of this.

  • Newp Ort

    Not familiar with zim, will have to check it out. Mark I hope you and your readers are hip to what I think is probably the best show on TV, Phineas and Ferb. When I sing it’s praises, if anyone ever asks me, “aren’t you a little old to be watching cartoons?” I reply “yes, yes I am.”