I love things like this

So my friend Joyce Crain is a Catholic convert who divides her time between San Juan Island and a little town south of Seattle. When she’s up in the San Juans, she divides her time between being an artist and doing work with Catholic catechesis for the Catholic community scattered across the islands. She writes

I am surprised myself that this little apostolate continues; each time I wait at the ferry terminal on first Wednesdays, I wonder if anybody is going to show up. But, so far, they always do, usually 6 or 7 people. And a few people actually follow the blog, using it, as planned, to get deeper into John’s gospel. We have good discussions. And it is really great to welcome Sr. Mary Danielle, who hops on at Shaw Island. She is becoming a real soul friend. Also, I must say, I had no idea I would enjoy blogging! My son the doctor says, “I would never, ever, ever have believed my mother would blog.” It’s nice to surprise the young people from time to time. And, it is fun to have a new use for my paintings!

I dearly love small, intimate apostolates like this.

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  • Joyce Crain was my Baptist Sunday School teacher when I was a teenager! I had no idea she’d poped. Great to hear!