Justin Raimondo is an Honest Man

A reader writes:

Do not know if it really is proper for posting…but it was fascinating for me nonetheless. The link below is to a recent debate on gay “marriage” between two openly homosexual conservatives: one is the Republican party movement man in Jonathan Rausch, who spends the entire debate advancing one of the most incoherent and self-contradictory arguments in support of something that I have ever heard. I really need to listen to it again as it is in its own idiom a sublime work of art. He is like the very incarnation of Jane Austen’s Mr. Collins.

On the other side is the heroic Justin Raimondo, editor of TAC, editor in chief of Antiwar.com, master polemicist and fascinating character. He takes the side against gay “marriage” and his argument is basically like yours, that it ultimately is not about rights, but the restriction of other’s rights “Tolerance is not enough, you must approve”. Which he, as a libertarian, is of course offended by. I suggest starting from 8:00 in (the moderator is windy and boring).

In addition, pray for Mr. Raimondo, a fallen-away Catholic, and yet in his decadence, reminds me much of Oscar Wilde. Like Wilde, a Catholic ethos suffuses his writing, and in the most wonderful manner in so many places that it is inconceivable that the church has lost all pull on his heart.

(You would love how he referred to the Pope (JPII and Benedict XVI as “the peace party’s Gandalf”) and indeed became most wroth when commenters disparaged either of these men for the usual imbecilic reasons.)

Yeah. I’ve always respected Raimondo. And yeah, we should pray for him. He seems to have a fundamental orientation toward truth. You have to hope that will, in the end, win out as his other, more chaotic, passions wane with age.

“The Catholic Church is for saints and sinners alone. For respectable people, the Anglican Church will do.” – Oscar Wilde

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  • fascinating. both are quite wrong but both are quite compelling.

  • Barfly_Kokhba

    “…it is inconceivable that the church has lost all pull on his heart.”


  • wlinden

    One thing that bothered me is that Raimundo seems to argue that “Mine is the only valid way of being gay.” I do not find this any more sensible than asserting that all “real” women are radic-libs, or all blacks have natural rhythm. And I know how I feel when someone asserts that there is only one valid way of being Christian (an assertion made from outside just as often as inside.)