One Million Rosaries for the Unborn May 3-5

A reader writes:

This weekend, beginning tomorrow, May 3 through May 5 there will be the 1 million Rosaries for the Unborn prayer event where Catholics from all over the world are being asked and encouraged to pray a rosary – or more – for an end to abortion and the protection of all unborn children.

Could you kindly please inform your readers/fans of this prayer event please? With over 3.5 million abortions happening every month world wide, we REALLY need to unite and pray – as i’m sure you know.

Many thanks, Rosary Group for the Unborn, Malta.

I am linking to this short video so that you may use it if you’d like to:

Please encourage people to participate and pray. (Registration at:

Thank you VERY much

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  • Maggie Goff

    Thank you. I registered myself and passed the info on to friends.

  • Manny

    I’m not great at praying the rosary but I will pray it this weekend and pass the word along on my blog.

  • Rebecca Duncan

    I will pray this weekend :)

  • Tom

    Will Do!!!