Pope to Lead Global Hour of Adoration

This is good for what ails the world. Go Pope Francis and go Holy Spirit!

The story is here.

The time in your area can be figured out here. It will be 8 AM Seattle time on Sunday. Be there! Aloha!

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  • elle

    ARG!!! Mass in our parish starts at 8:30, with Rosary and confession right before. Isn’t that a little much to multi-task at once??? Or does it all fall under adoration???

  • michigancatholic

    This will totally go under the radar for most Catholics for lots of reasons, starting with the fact that most of them won’t show up at mass, and for the ones that do, it will be after the fact. Time zone and planning issues.

    • ivan_the_mad

      “starting with the fact that most of them won’t show up at mass”

      Yeah, totally not holier than thou or anything. Thank you for sharing your ridiculous anti-charism of discerning the practices of “most Catholics”.

      Proposed alternative reaction: This is great, God love the Pope! I’m going to tell all my friends and family about this and encourage them to join in (and make sure to hit up Mass, while they’re at it)!

  • Steve Haag

    This is cool, even if it falls between the Masses at my parish, Old St. Mary’s!

  • Loretta

    And if you can’t be in a chapel with the Blessed Sacrament reserved at that time, join in spirit wherever you are. Go Francis! Go Jesus!