Reader Lori Pieper writes with a generous offer

Thanks so much for hosting the “Angels and Saints at Ephesus” giveaway — what a sign of hope for all us weary toilers out there! And I’m not saying this just because I won (though I still can’t believe I won anything). I think the only fair thing to do in return is to offer your readers a free giveaway in return – and not just for one lucky person, but for everyone. I was planning to write you about it anyway, but this is a great occasion for it.

I am celebrating the new website for my Catholic publishing empire, Tau Cross Books and Media, by offering free downloads of sample chapters from my upcoming book of Pope John Paul I’s writings, A Passionate Adventure: Living the Catholic Faith Today, and from my two books about St. Elizabeth of Hungary. Plus I am offering a special sale on my video A Woman for Our Time on St. Elizabeth.  All right here.

I am looking to work with authors on other great books on Catholic history and spirituality to expand this apostolate. So while your readers are on the site, I’m offering them a chance to fill out a (hopefully) fun little customer survey where they can rant freely about what they would like to see in Catholic books and what our online store should offer. (Just click on the top right tab).

So if you could kindly let your readers know, I’d be very grateful.


My readers are the best!

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  • Thanks, Mark! I forgot to mention that the books will be available as ebooks (Kindle/mobi and EPUB) with print editions later on. The John Paul I book will be ready, with any luck, by the end of this month or beginning of June, the others a bit later on. But you can get the DVD now.

    And thanks again, BTW, for your help with publicizing the St. Elizabeth film way back when!

  • Joel Stein

    I’d love to see a lot of the books posted on in her bookstore.