The Feds are Writing Themselves a Free Ticket to Spy On Your Computer

The Feds are Writing Themselves a Free Ticket to Spy On Your Computer May 16, 2013

Bush 43 started it. Now Bush 44 is expanding it. Both parties are your enemies. It’s not Left or Right. It’s our Ruling Class vs. the Rest of Us. The Police State will keep you safe.

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  • Ridge_Runner

    The two wings of the imperial warfare/welfare state party continue to successfully play “good cop, bad cop” with a mostly oblivious public. I saw a gag sign at a concession in a local street festival that summarizes the appeal of both wings: “We cheat the other guy, and pass on the savings to you!” As long as larcenous hearts dominate the voting population, larcenous politicians will get a pass provided they regularly deliver the loot to their constituency. Detroit and the meltdown of the European Union are leading edges of where that pattern ends.

    • Chesire11

      Political parties are both in the world and of it. Only a fool places his faith in politics, politicians, or the perfectibility of this world.

    • rmichaelj

      I agree with your sentiment. However, one of the slight benefits of a Republican politician is that at least the press will hold them to account and not give them a pass.

  • Mike

    Yes, it’s amazing tt Bush s now in hs 4th term

  • Silver Fox

    Yeah, when you’ve got nothing to say, blame Bush.

    • Chesire11

      I don;t think he’s “blaming Bush” I think he’s saying that after campaigning against Bush’s policies of warrantless wiretaps, etc.., President Obama is continuing and expanding the abuses.

      He’s calling Obama a hypocrite.

      I agree with him.

  • Chesire11

    Not normally a source I consult, but it includes substantiating likes to two reputable organizations…

    Sadly, this real, significant and persistent threat will be largely ignored by the media in favor of sexier scandals, Like Benghazi and the AP phone records, ginned up by political operatives interested in partisan gain, not principles.

    • You are correct. It is not sexy. It is not sell able. It doesn’t fit neatly in the 24/7 Media Outrage and Overreaction Cycle. I fear that most people look at it like, “hey, I’ve got nothing to hide”.

  • Uh, I thought they created this when they paid for the construction of the NHS backbone…..

  • Among other things, this is a violation of the 13th amendment. You’d think Obama might be sensitive to forced labor issues.