The World Just Became a Quieter, Happier, Better Place

Chris Matthews’ show has been cancelled.  Let joy be unconfined!  Let thrills run up the legs of all good men and women!  Let those who savor peace, quiet thought, and the pleasure of not watching a helpless victim be interrogated by a self-absorbed machine gun rejoice!  A blight on our national discourse is lifted! Another talking head is silenced  Life, my friends, is good.

Update: Or perhaps not.  A reader in the combox says it’s a hoax.  If so, alas for TV.

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  • Unfortunately he signed a long term deal with MSNBC for Hardball, so he’ll still be shooting his mouth off.

  • Andy

    The world will be a happier quieter and more sane place when Chris Matthews, Joe Scarbourogh, Bill O’Rielly, Sean Hannity – in fact all of the talking asses go away – from Radio and Televison. This group of individuals has done more damage to the US than I can begin to imagine. If only they could really work – you know do something constructive like spend time in a food pantry meeting the people they belittle.

    • MarylandBill

      I actually agree. Most of these talking heads do little more than preach to the choir. I doubt they have ever convinced anyone of anything they didn’t already agree with. What is amazing is to go on youtube and watch old videos of William F. Buckley. The contrast with modern media is amazing (And if you want to see demonic, watch his debate with Hugh Hefner… I don’t think I ever saw any clearer influence of the devil on someone’s face than on Hefner’s during that debate).

  • Procopius

    Let there by joy and celebration! Let jubilation reign!

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Well, if it makes you feel any better: I had to Google “Chris Mathews” in order to remember which ridiculous talking head he is. Cancelled or not, I will continue to ignore him.

  • I have noticed that most of these talking heads are Baby Boomers. In 40 years they’ll all be dead.