UN abortion dudette gripes…

because the abortion agenda has been stuck in neutral for 20 years.

Think of that the next time some prolifer panics and says we have to do desperate and immoral things because everything but lying and temptation to commit grave sin is a waste of time.

Also on the good news roster, UN delegates are getting sick of the pro-aborts.

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  • Stuck in neutral? Huh? What else would they like us to be doing, building elevators to take the bodies from the gas chambers to the crematoria?

  • Athelstane

    Given her zeal and emotionalism, I can’t help but suspect that Nafis Sadik has had at least one abortion of her own – and that she’s seeking validation through political action.

    • jcb

      I can’t see how that sort of speculation is helpful.

  • Tom

    Both sides of the abortion debate are convinced they’re losing. Strange how this happens.

  • If an average of 46,000,000 lives a year worldwide isn’t a big enough genocide, perhaps they need to start considering their marketing strategy?

  • Marsha

    Babatunde gave a nod to this problem, then reverted to his agency’s focus of reducing births. Many countries complain about dwindling population and growth, about women not having children, he noted. “But on the other hand, we don’t want to give them what they require to control their bodies and their fertilities.”

    Is he seriously trying to imply if there is greater access to abortion and birth control at our cost that women will have more children? Mind boggling.