Viable Human Embryonic Stem Cells Created

This is hugely, epoch-makingly, evil.

It means, in a word, that giant corporations will now be able to manufacture people for the express purpose of cannibalizing them for parts.  It also is another step on the road to cloning humans–and genetically designing them a la Brave New World.  All are monstrous evils.

May God have mercy on our civilization.

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  • Dave

    Another step in the ongoing campaign to see what God’s breaking point is. Can divine justice be far behind? Of course, we are well on our way to destroying ourselves already. Perhaps God will just let us complete the process.

  • Evil indeed. And with no proven therapeutic advantage over adult stem cells–as usual.

    BTW: When I heard about this horror on NPR this morning, one of my first thoughts was the expectation that you would do a blog post about it, Mark. Glad to see my expectation confirmed: thanks for keeping us on top of this stuff.

    • Dan Li

      Well, you might want to hold off even in adult pluripotent stem cells. Some have already suggested that they may be capable of full development and independence…

      • That’s a fair concern. My (admittedly very cursory!) understanding is that while a totipotent zygote is rightly thought of as a human person, pluripotent cells are not of the same metaphysical significance: they are human cells, but they are not human persons. As to the biology, it would seem to me that if they are merely “pluri-” potent, then there must be some aspect of the human body that they are incapable of generating for themselves: but, as I said, my knowledge here is quite limited.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    It’s less Brave New World and more Blade Runner. It’s only a matter of time before companies begin marketing “designer babies.” And if there are a few flaws in the result … well those unfortunates will just be “retired.” For a moderate fee, of course, which will be refunded on your next purchase. Easy credit terms (restrictions apply). Drink Coke. It’s the Me Generation.

    • Diana

      Don’t forget Gattaca, for a nice exploration of some social ramifications of designer babies.

  • Pete the Greek

    Sometimes, all you need to do to understand the world is to sit back, pull up the song “drag the waters” on youtube and close your eyes.

  • You have won the lottery.

  • Dan Li

    I wonder about even induced pluripotent stem cells. Even though they’re somatically derived cells, they may be full human beings naturally capable of development under certain circumstances.

  • Morgan Wolff

    Growing babies like crops. Definitely something out of sci-fi fantasy and/or horror. Guess what? God already gave us the means to make babies and it’s working just fine. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it or replace it for that matter. The only reason I can think of for SCIENCE(TM) to find another method is to ignore their lab children’s humanity for their exploitation as chattel or, probably more accurately, vegetables. Oh wait…haven’t we already said sex has little, if anything, to do with children? See appendices Gay “Marriage”, Abortion, Masturbation, etc. Sorry! I’m one of those backward rubes who’s fallen behind Progress. I’m just trying to find out why we added the extra cloning step. If we can kill a sexually conceived child in her mother’s womb, why bother with all the cloning for spare parts? Maybe it’s a simple matter of being easier and cheaper to consume farm-raised children than wild ones. Works with pigs.

  • Pavel Chichikov


    The numbered
    faithful will grow fewer

    Inquisitors hunt
    foolish rebels,

    Safety as a falsifier

    Tells them what the
    liar tells

    That there is
    nothing past the frontier,

    Power and insensate

    The only life is
    what lives here,

    Spirit is a perjurer

    Precious truth
    becomes base metal

    The blind must see
    what they must see,

    Breed their
    offspring like their cattle

    And all must love
    their destiny

    Until the only human

    Know in some dark

    That human beings
    are not things,

    And they will find a

    All the others will

    To be as beasts
    under control,

    And then the human
    race will end

    Except for those who
    keep a soul


    10, 2013

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      I often wish I had all your poems you’ve posted here together in one book, or on one site.

  • S. Murpht