Why I Want the Right to Regain its Sanity

Here’s why. To successfully counter this Lefty idiocy:

New Washington State Law Bans Words ‘Penmanship,’ ‘Freshman,’ ‘Fisherman’ as Sexist

Person O person is my blue state crazy. You might even say it is personiacal about PC rubbish. Persony people will not be able to personage with these new rules and will have personufacture strategies to deal with them. I have no idea what Gerpersons or the country of Gerpersony will do. And people in Personchester England face hard times too. Also personstorians will have to rewrite the books, as will the authors of personuals. And don’t get me started on personual transmissions, praying persontisses, and personta rays. And at Christmas, we will have to sing the hermn “O Come, O Come, Epersonual”! Not to mention watching “The Ten Compersondments” at Easter!

On a somewhat more serious note, here’s the invaluable Jimmy Akin on the stupidity and danger of our elite’s war on the Pronoun Formerly Known as He. You cannot make war on gender without making war on revelation.

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  • Brennan Doherty

    Yes, I agree that if he or she is writing it may make his or her’s sentence construction difficult and not only for him or her but also for he or she who happens to read his or her writing. I’m so glad we’ve avoided this type of gender-neutral insanity so far in most of our country!

    • You should read Alisdair MacIntyre: brilliant man, but his commitment to gender-neutrality by consistently using “him or her”, “his or hers”, “he or she”, every. single. flipping. time is so distracting from his argument. Worst philosophical style ever.

      • wlinden

        And we are left uneasily wondering if he flipped a coin for the first time, or what.

        • The funny thing is, it’s even worse when philosophers choose “randomly”. Somehow, in their examples, kindergarten teachers are always – randomly – “he”, while firefighters and Navy SEALS are always – again, randomly – “she”.

          And then, of course, you spend half the paper wondering what, exactly, were the motivations behind any particular usage and whether there was a point or pattern to it.

      • Brennan Doherty

        Yes, I agree completely. Constantly using “he or she” has to qualify as the most redundant, unnecessary, awkward, and tone deaf construction ever used in the English language.

  • Clare Krishan

    Oh my – don’t be so racist. Consider our Hispanic hermanos and hermanas:

    surely they deserve the dignity of Hispersonos and herpersonas? Let’s restore Viking norpersons: Mr and Mrs Guzman would be so much happier as Mr Guzperson and Mrs Guzperdatter, no?

    • Thew

      Is a word that contains both “her” and “man” actually good, or is it doubly bad?

      • Kathleen M. Ritter

        Poor Herman.

  • We’ll do our best, Mark, but it’s awful hard. We’re so very, very crazy, you know.

  • John Médaille

    As far as Personchester goes, its archbishop used to be Cardinal Personing.

  • Momof11

    Actually, we sing O Come, O Come…….during Advent. Lol….

  • Marty Helgesen

    And, of course, you cannot use the word “person”. You have to say, “peroffspring” We are members of the huperoffspring race.

  • Jack

    Oh settle down Mark. There’s nothing wrong with the daily morphing into Communism.

  • wlinden

    “She’ll scarcely suffer Dr. Watts’ HYMNS,
    “And all the animals she owns are HERS.”

    –Princess Ida

  • Joachim Licameli

    You are all ideologically impure unless you use “perchild.” ;{)

  • Stephen J.

    As a card-carrying old fogey before my time, I’m actually rather glad; maybe now we can bring back the wonderfully old-fashioned third person indefinite pronoun “one.”
    One certainly hopes so at any rate, as one would love to be able to start reminding others of the mellifluousness and dignity of such a construction.

    • D.T. McCameron

      One appreciates the term as it provides an alternative to I, the overuse of which paints one self-centered and narcissistic. The notion being that referring to one’s self in the third person is less aggressive, and more deferential.

      That being said, this is stupid.
      So much so that

  • Elmwood

    I can’t help but think behind this PC garbage is a deep seated hatred for masculinity and fatherhood.

    • kenofken

      I think it’s mostly academics with far too much time on their hands.

    • said she

      and, therefore: God

  • Pavel Chichikov

    One could always plead grammatical gender, but English is not strong on the gender of nouns. What gender is a bus, or a refrigerator?

    This tickiness about pronouns is the symptom of a pathological social disease, and it robs language of its vitality. A society without a vital language is on its way to the morgue.

    But my fall back is this: Create something impressive in your preferred usage, and I will not criticize it. A poem, a novel, a speech must sing, must hum like a power line, must lift off and fly, must make the hair stand on end. If you can do it PC, fine. If not, you are one of those enemies of human sanity called bores.

  • Pavel Chichikov


    Show me my life, I

    In His hand a silver

    Can I open it now? I

    It is here, there
    are no locks

    In the palm of His
    hand it rested

    Dull and heavy

    The weight of Him
    had blessed it,

    A sign was on the

    When I tried to lift

    It came not light

    Be careful child,
    address it

    With words that I
    shall say

    He spoke the words,
    I listened

    And then I tried to

    What I had heard,
    repeat it:

    Show me the love I

    Then I looked inside

    And all the life

    Blazed with love I’d

    And all the rest had


    12, 2013

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    If you haven’t read “Ella Minnow Pea”, I’d recommend it. You may need pointers.

    • I second the recommendation — a great book.

  • As we argued in college, don’t call us “women,” call us “woperdaughters.”

  • Pete the Greek

    So ‘Fisherman’ and ‘Penmanship’ are out.

    But, if mass TV entertainment is to be believed, ‘B*tch’ and ‘Bro’ are still ok.

    “How’re all mah fisherbros out there?!”

  • …and, I want to win Powerball tonight.

  • Del Sydebothom

    An effort, I say, to restore the verbal distinction between weremen and women is called for! “Man” should hereafter be reinstated as the English name for our species. If we specifically mean a he-kind man, we can say “wereman”. If a she-kind, “woman” is still in common use. Our language, I think, would be thereby improved.

  • Barfly_Kokhba

    “It is no measure of sanity to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

  • DotCalm

    Actually, “person” is sexist as well. (Son is masculine). You should go with the truly neutered “it” — “perit “

  • Hunk Hondo (C.H. Ross)

    Anyone who wants to come down here to Tennessee, dig up the bones of James K, Polk and hang them can count on my help. Were it not for him, Washington state would now be Canada’s problem.

  • Amanda

    I work in a legislative office in Texas and this is already in practice here and for a good reason. Although I was initially in agreement with your assessment on political correctness, when it comes to laws, it makes sense for most language to be gender-neutral or else you can bring question to certain laws only applying to certain genders.

    Changing words like “penmanship,” though, seems like overkill.