A reader has a Question about By What Authority?

He writes:

I read your book a few years ago and found it tremendously helpful in resolving my doubts about biblical authenticity. THANKS!

I have a copy on order (gave my copy away) from amazon uk since March 13th but no delivery date yet… Can you suggest an alternative provider?

Amazon.com here in the US seems to have some used copies.  The book is currently out of print and scarce as hen’s teeth.  One of the funnier things Amazon does is apparently have some sort of algorithm that automatically raises the prices of books the harder they become to find.  At the US site, you can currently get a new copy of BWA for eighty bucks (used copies are still seven bucks).

Mary, Mother of the Son is even more impressive, with Volume 2 going for a mere $245!  That trilogy will also soon be edited and re-released as a single unabridged volume from Marytown Press!  And finally, I will be revising Making Senses Out of Scripture: Reading the Bible as the First Christians Did, as well as getting it ready for e book formatting!  Fun times!

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