A reader remarks on the Boy Scouts…

I appreciate your thoughtful discussion on the change in BSA policy. As an eagle scout who founded a troop in our parish a few years ago, I am extremely upset that many of my fellow parishioners (and potentially pastor and bishop) seem to be moving toward revoking the troop’s charter. While this action is not as extreme as denying communion to someone in a Scout uniform, it still strikes me as extreme. In particular it seems to be motivated by fear of some future action (e.g. being forced to celebrate scouts engaging in unchaste activities). More worrisome, the retreat into Fortress Katholicus (to borrow your phrase) is beginning to have the stench of heresy to me (specifically Donatism). Indeed, in discussing this issue with one of my devout evangelical friends, she said that “these [gay] boys are misguided and every true Christian should be running toward them to bring them back on the right path.” I found myself agreeing with her completely (a rare event) and unable to see how dissolving the troop over this issue fulfills our obligation to bring the word of Christ to the world. When you have a moment I would be interested in your response to this assessment. To the extent you want to post this on your blog please feel free to do so.

I don’t have much to add. I think my reader is right. I hope Catholics continue to see the glass 9/10ths full with the Scouts. And the feedback I’ve gotten so far suggests they will, so that’s something to be thankful for.

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