British Baseball Commentary…

…is like a Bacon and Chocolate Ice Cream Burger.

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  • Beadgirl

    Ha! I think my favorite bit was calling Saltalamacchia “Salamander.”

  • Dale

    Now THAT is color commentary. ESPN needs to hire this guy!

  • Blog Goliard

    I feel a little sorry for folks who aren’t familiar with cricket…they’ll miss at least half the jokes here.

    Or…perhaps that would make the video more of a Dadaist masterpiece for them? Possible.

    All I know for sure is that someone on this side of the pond very much needs to do a similar parody commentary for cricket. (“He hits a ground ball back towards the pitcher…RUN, YOU FOOL! why isn’t he running?”)

    • Beadgirl

      That’s … a really good idea. I’m giggling at your example.

  • Brian Sullivan

    Crikey O’Blimey!

  • Ciaran in Ireland

    You’re feeling exactly how we in the UK & Ireland feel whenever we hear an American commentating on Soccer i.e. Football! If the score is 1-0, it’s one-nil, not one to nothing!!!!