Germans, Familiar with Police States, No Longer Keen on Obama

Germans, Familiar with Police States, No Longer Keen on Obama June 20, 2013

Obama’s honeymoon with world over…
Berlin Speech: 200,000 in 2008; Only 4,500 Today…
Germans have undergone ‘brutal sobering up’…
Merkel lectures: Internet monitoring must have proper limits…

But American Spaniel Media Talking Heads Continue to Run Interference for the Dear Leader:

Matthews: Sun ‘Ruined’ Speech Because Couldn’t Use Teleprompter…

"It isn't my burden to show you any of this Karen. You seem completely oblivious ..."

Some Bad News
"Denying that hypergamy exists is like denying gravity...whether you agree with Zippy or not."

Some Bad News
"Verbatim quotes, please."

Some Bad News
"Coming from an alt-left, hate-filled misandrist, maybe that's a compliment."

Some Bad News

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  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    Actually, the European media are worse. Believe it or not, almost nothing about Obama’s repeated scandals reaches the average European. They are still made to believe that it’s all racist Republican hatred.

    • Joseph

      I can attest to that here in Ireland.

      • JoFro

        I can attest to that here in New Zealand!

  • vox borealis

    Don’t kid yourself…I lived in Germany for a year, just a year or so ago, and still keep in touch with friends and colleagues. They are gaga for Obama, as are all of my European colleagues here. In my experience, Germans do not really fear police states per se. Rather, they deeply crave strong central authority provided it’s the right kind –i.e., “my party not theirs.” Remember, this is the country in which homeschooling is completely illegal. Obama represents nearly the German ideal for a head of state, a (nominally) liberal technocrat, secular (none of that Bush godtalk), and (sort of) intellectual, who wishes to extend the influence of the state.

    • wlinden

      And they have a secret police “For the Protection of the Constitution”. Which “uses all kinds of surveillance technology and infiltration.” (Yes, I know that is Wikipedia, but the official site is in (surprise) German.)