I share this simply because love is beautiful

A reader writes:

I just want to share this with a larger audience, since my heart is full:

I’ve known Lawrence (not his real name) since he was 8 years old. His parents and I belong to the same prayer group, and somehow we just hit it off. He would invariably bring a Calvin and Hobbes book, and we’d read it together. Since he had blond hair that stuck out in every direction, I called him ‘Calvin’. He naturally called me ‘Hobbes’ in return. He always used to come running, give me an enormous hug, and say, “What’s a boy do without his tiger?!”

As he got older, our friendship grew rather than fading away – it’s strange how the Lord can bring two souls together. When he outgrew ‘Hobbes’ he started calling me ‘Uncle’ with his parents’ approval. I sponsored him for Confirmation (he took St. Louis IX as his patron) and got together with him frequently for that; after the sacrament he asked me if I’d like to continue getting together regularly. Of course I said yes.

We’ve met almost every Sunday evening for over three years now for talk, games, and the occasional bit of prayer. Sometimes we go out for dinner. He still goes in for (increasingly) bone-crushing hugs, and every once in a while for old time’s sake he’s tossed out a, “What’s a boy do without his tiger?”

He’s going to be sworn in to the US Army in a little over a week. (Figures, with St. Louis and all!)

I’ve told you all that so you can appreciate this:

Last night after watching a movie and reminiscing, I asked him only half-jokingly, “What’s a boy do without his tiger?”

With an impish grin, “Basic training!” What can I say? Like Calvin, he’s always had a way with words…

Prayers for this wonderful young man, his family, and his tiger and/or adopted uncle are greatly appreciated!

P.S. He’s also told me that, “During basic, I’m going to lie awake for a moment at night, bleeding from every muscle, and sigh happily, ‘This is so much better than high school!'” (Yes, he was in public school, as was I.) We’ve traded war stories on that topic many a time… Reason to homeschool #X+1?

Father, protect this boy, honor his heart of service, bless his generosity and goodness, and bless all who love him, especially my reader. Mother Mary, St. Martin, and St. Joan, pray for them. We as this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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  • Pecos2

    And give a rich measure of Your peace to his family and friends.