If you are a fan of Babylon 5…

Jimmy Akin found a very moving video of a little talk by JMS on the courage of Jeff Conaway, Andreas Katsoulas, and, in particular, Michael O’Hare. Eternal rest, grant them (and Richard Biggs), O Lord.

I can’t help but like JMS. As Christ-haunted an atheist as I’ve ever seen, and with a deep love for people and the tears of things as good writer should ever have. I think “A Passage Through Gethsemane” is one of the finest things ever written for TV. And relationship between Londo Mollari and G’Kar and their dance of guilt, vengeance and redemptive suffering was a tour de force, not only in writing, but in acting.

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  • CJ

    My wife just bought me the 2nd and 3rd seasons for Father’s Day. I’ve really been enjoying watching the show again.
    I agree with your thoughts about JMS as well. If there must be unbelievers, I wish more were like him.

  • MClark7

    The hypocrite emits fake dudgeon link is giving an odd response about going to a different website : “https://callcentre-pirates18061.endeavourdemo.com/blogs/markshea/2013/06/hypocrite-emits-fake-dudgeon.html”

  • I read the transcript a few weeks ago’ it was really touching. I remember that for years people speculated on all sorts mean or jerky reasons why Michael O’Hare left/was fired. We always assume the worst of people, and it’s a real shame.

  • Joshua Gonnerman

    Agreed on all counts. And what is more, I think that Londo is one of the more nuanced and masterful character portrayals I’ve ever seen on TV.

    • chezami

      I do too. I think he’s one of the greatest tragic figures in science fiction. And I think Peter Jurasik should have won all sorts of awards if he didn’t.

      • Joshua Gonnerman

        And the world being the place it is, we can only assume he didn’t. But there’s something fitting about that.

        • Alister Crowe

          He took home the giant painting of himself from the set of B5.

          That’s an award greater than any Oscar

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    What little I know of JMS (which I admit is very little), he has always struck me not so much as a devoted atheist so much as a man who is deeply angry at God and just can’t admit it, even to himself. Given some of the things that happened to him in his life, he deserves our heartfelt compassion and prayers.

    • CJ

      Really? I never got the “angy athiest” vibe from JMS. He always seemed to be in the same boat as Roger Ebert who just . . . couldn’t believe anymore. He showed some embarrassment about having written a hymn while he was a believer, but other than that, I can’t think of anything “angry” about him.

      • Mark S. (not for Shea)

        I don’t mean he struck me as a sort of frothing-at-the-mouth atheist like Dawkins. In the one interview I read he was recounting some of the horrible things that happened to him as a kid and a young man and he said that was when he lost faith in God. It came down to the old, “How could a benevolent God allow such things to happen to me?” Perhaps “anger” was overstating the case. Personally affronted perhaps? Anyway, he needs our prayers.