I’m often impressed by the deep goodness of my readers

Here is a typical piece of correspondence I often get from readers, which I offer mostly as a sample of the deep orientation toward goodness and decency that is alive in so many hearts out there:

You probably get so much e-mail you may or may not recognize my infrequent contacts with you.  I have followed your blog on and off over the years.

Anyhows… your mea culpa blog post was beautiful.  You mentioned taking your blog in a different direction.  I would encourage more in the area of healing.  I believe that the lost ministry / gift of healing is going to become the great bottleneck of the New Evangelization.  Our wounds keep us from encounter the Lord, which keeps us from sharing the Good News of the Lord!  I believe this so strongly, I’m prayerfully considering at going back to school to get a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, and ditching my lucrative web development / programming career, which — honestly — grew out of my need to control everything.

I’ve been doing my own healing journey over the past 5 years.  And, so, I just wanted to share with you the tip of the ice berg in terms of organizations that have been helpful towards my own healing.  Here they are (in order from incredible helpful to helpful)…

www.tobhealing.org (they have two excellent conferences, plus a marriage weekend.  Dr. Bob Schuchts has done an excellent job of integrating a strong TOB theology of JPII with everything else I am listing below).

http://www.immanuelapproach.com/ (not catholic, but nevertheless, is rock solid, all based upon the Dr. Lehman’s materials located at http://www.kclehman.com/.  He has an excellent article on anger and bitterness which helped me immensely, since you mentioned bitterness in your mea culpa).

www.lifemodel.org (not catholic, but it has lots of good material around healing, and they work closely with Dr. Lehman)

http://heartofthefather.com/ (I mentioned them to you a few years ago, and you posted the info to your blog with your own reservations, but I still have no reservations about Neil Lozano’s Unbound deliverance method.  Don’t want to see a demon under every rock, but sometimes, it’s just demonic, and you gotta do warfare.).

I don’t have any big ideas about this letter.  I’m just struck that somebody would, in obedience to conscience and the calling of the heart, ditch a lucrative job and go seek a career oriented toward healing others.  How beautiful is that?

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  • Dave

    I agree with this reader. Healing ministry is so vital at this time, and there’s really a shortage of those providing it. Does Our Lord wish to heal any less than in the past?

    And yes…it is very beautiful what your reader is considering doing.