Interesting speculative question

Would the absence of sin in the created universe remove the possibility of errors in human judgment, physical injuries, interpersonal misunderstandings, etc., or are these realities arising from the nature of the human person and only accentuated by sin? Had Adam and Eve never sinned would Adam still have potentially missed an important item on the grocery list, stubbed his toe in the dark, hurt Eve’s feelings by working longer hours in the Garden, etc.?

Beats me. You might poke around in the Summa to find out if Thomas speculates about this. Since error is not sin, I can imagine unfallen men making mistakes (children do, after all). But since one of the effects of sin is a darkened intellect, it’s hard to say if unfallen intellects might be preserved from making errors. At most, we can speculate, of course, since we, with our fallen intellects can’t really know.

I wonder if Ye Olde Statistician might have some input here, given his familiarity with Thomas.

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