IRS to Prolife Group

“Keep your faith to yourself”

I wonder if the Feds have ruled on the question of whether “The IRS can go to hell” is a theological statement.

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  • ivan_the_mad

    Tantamount, of course, to an incitement to religious intolerance.

  • lavallette

    This administration more than any other and the secularists brigade are pushing the theory and putting into practice the interpretation that the “free exercise” clause in the First Amendment only extends to “freedom of worship” i.e. what one does for a couple of hours inside the church, temple, synagogue at the weekend, and other worship things one cares to do in there at other times. Clearly they are on a campaign eliminate coverage of “freedom to exercise religion”, which is, the putting into practice in one’s daily life and interaction with one’s neighbour the precepts of one’s faith. The issue of compulsory health insurance coverage for contraception abortion and sterilization, even where it is against religious beliefs, is the perfect example that illustrates the point and this campaign..

    That is where the focus of the fight should be. This is the red line in the sand!