Just Wait Till “Citizen Journalists” Start Bugging Confessionals and Putting it on Youtube

A reader writes:

So I wonder what would happen if a pro-abortion person went into a pregnancy clinic and lied about… wait! Now we know!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it goes something like this now:

1) Prolifers ‘expose’ abortion clinics by lying.
2) Pro-abortion activists do the same thing to pregnancy centers.
3) Any misgiving that a woman considering abortion has about the standard of care she’d receive at a pregnancy clinic is quickly confirmed (in her mind) by Irin Carmon’s weak ‘reporting’.
4) Planned Parenthood gets another customer and another child is lost.

Bottom-line is I don’t think this strategy actually did any favors to the uphill battle that pregnancy centers already face…..

The new super-duper miniature technology for filming/listening to all sorts of people in all sorts of situation is not, contrary to popular opinion, going to create a more open society for the free exchange of ideas. Nor will it create anything remotely like a sense of safety from evil. It’s going to create a surveillance state and, worse, a surveillance *culture* of self-appointed snitches looking for ways to declare themselves noble “undercover agents” as they inform on their neighbors. Only, instead of some centrally located KGB or Gestapo to report to, the information will go to Youtube for the delectation of millions (and, sometimes, for the Lidless Eye of the State). It will be edited who knows how and have an actual documentary value of who knows what. But the main thing it will do is fill every citizen with a sort of background white noise awareness that, at any moment, even in the sacrament of reconciliation, somebody might be listening in. We asked for it. Now we’re gonna get it.

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  • Linebyline

    Okay, but be fair: Don’t get mad at the “lidless eye of the state” for looking at stuff that people posted *publicly* on sites like YouTube. Sure, those people had no right to post that stuff publicly, but blame them, not the state.

    (Not that the government isn’t also spying on us in other places where there *is* a reasonable expectation of privacy, but getting upset that they look at publicly available info, it seems to me, deflects attention from the actual evil that’s being done.)

  • James

    ”The videos that Live Action puts out are promoting the myths and the fears…Whereas our work is really much more investigative.”

    And which side will be deemed the “more investigative”? The side that’s supported by Mainstream Media will. And with a Media capable of ignoring, then reluctantly reporting, and then hushing Gosnell…

  • James

    I’m imagining a cartoon where the Good Guys break down and resort to biological warfare.

    The smirking Bad Guys walk right up to them with an industrial fan, and blow the poison gas back in their faces.

  • Rebecca

    Your reader might be interested to know that the question of “what would happen if a pro-abortion person went into a pregnancy clinic and lied about…” was actually answered back in 1991. Whether or not you approve of their methods, Live Action was not the first to bring “gotcha!” journalism tactics into the abortion debate.


  • Jack

    Actually, don’t underestimate the ability of the state to manage large numbers of reporters; the former East German State Security Agency employed approximately one third of the population as snitches, so it’s entirely doable…

    • NoPasaran

      When I was young, I lived in east Germany. I’m not being flippant when I say that what I see going on now in government is familiar, both in the type and depth of interest, and in intent. We’re rapidly becoming Stasiland

  • Newp Ort

    It might also help crisis pregnancy centers uphill battle to provide accurate information and not coerce their visitors.

    • Newp Ort

      I was always upfront about all the facts with those staying at the halfway house I used operate for girls that don’t go all the way. (i know, I made the joke before, but as all men know if its funny once, its funny 1000 times. and like all comedians I steal jokes from those funnier than me, Steve Martin in this instance)

  • Scotty

    My comment from two months ago when Live Action’s recent “sting” was all the rage:

    “It is obvious that Live Action is inviting any number of anti-Catholic organizations or individuals to try the same “sting operation” tactics against the Church – bishops, priests, crisis pregnancy center employees & volunteers, etc….

    “What happens when a man brings a hidden video/audio recorder into a confessional, admits (lying, of course; he’s just an “actor”) to the sexual abuse of a minor who is still at risk, and subsequently “exposes” the priest for not contacting police with information that can save a minor from further abuse?

    “And when that video comes out, on what grounds does Live Action (or its supporters) jump up-and-down condemning it?

    These tactics have the potential for huge and real blowback on pro-life organizations and the Catholic Church. In the end, is it really worth it?”

  • kenofken

    The confessional-eavesdropping project has already been done. It’s where we got all of the original material for reality shows. All names were changed to protect the innocent…or not so innocent!