More Awesomeness from my Readers

Reader Cristina Trinidad writes:

Sarah Reinhard of suggested I contact you about this piece of local news. It’s about my son, Alex Trinidad. He just made First Holy Communion and received money for the occasion. Our family and friends did not know what we was planning to do with their gifts. He decided to donate all of it to the local Ecumenical Kitchen in Allentown. He is very inspired by Pope Francis’ message to feed the hungry and help the poor.  He said to me “if we don’t help the hungry, who will?”  He donated $465 and fed about 350 people over the course of a day and a half. We spent the afternoon with the patrons and Alex shared a meal with all of them (along with, brother Gabriel – 5 years old, my husband and myself) .

Please see the link to the news piece and video below.  I thought if you felt so inclined to post something online or where it would be seen by more people, in the hopes that they, too would help the hungry and helpless in their local communities, well that would just make Alex’s day. It is Alex’s hope that Pope Francis will see it and know that his homilies and teachings are making an impact on young people.

As the news link is short, I’ve also posted more details here:

That kid and his family are the future of the Church.  Thanks be to God for them through our Lord Jesus Christ!

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  • Katie in FL

    That is wonderful! I wasted my money on Donny and Marie dolls. Okay, I got the stage set as well. If only I had kept them. I could have sold them on ebay and probably would have had as much money as this boy had.