Texas Gets It Done

Texas House Votes to Close 37 Abortion Clinics

Way to go, Lone Star State! What their special Secret Sauce? Turns out that when you require houses of butchery and horror to rise to the standard of basic healthcare facilities, they don’t. Better still, this strategery seems to be having a strong amount of success around the country.

May the day soon come when salt is sown on the ground where the last of these slaughterhouses stood and both women and their babies are loved and supported and not shunted off to join the ranks of the wounded and dead.

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  • Alleluia! Texas continues to prove to be the one place I would relocate to if the right opportunity showed up.

  • moseynon

    The battle isn’t over yet. The Texas legislature is in special session, which ends today. The House may have approved the bill, but the Senate has to approve the changes made by the House.

    The sticky point: the Senate can not consider doing until 24 hours have elapsed from the time of House approval. So the House was under the gun to get the bill approved as early as possible. Democrats in the House had no chance of stopping the bill, so their strategy was to delay the vote as long as possible. This opens the possibility that someone in the Senate can filibuster today until time runs out.

    The situation is explained in this article:


  • Xavier

    Instead of salting the ground, I’d rather them be used as something holy, like a woman’s shelter or mission for the homeless. I can think of no greater triumph than every Planned Parenthood being turned into a real shelter for women.

  • Kristen inDallas

    All my dem. friends are whining that 37 clinics will close, while all my rep. friends are boasting that 37 clinics will close. In reality… regulations would force all clinics to meet ambulatory surgical center requirements. Currently only 5 in TX meet that standard, which means that 37 clinics have to make improvements… within a year… or close. Not a bad first step for women or babies IMHO, but a pretty far cry from actually closing clinics. Might as well say a food nutrition program is forcing 37 McDonald’s to close, because, um… capitalism? I have a sinking feeling that more than a few will *somehow* mange to stay in business.
    And as Dale mentions, a fillibuster could still kill it, and that’s what Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) is attempting to do this morning… we’ll see.

  • bob

    And may we all live to see the blessed day when all the forces of the state can be marshaled to force women to give birth to their rapists’ babies! We love women!

    • Dennis

      Yes, bob, we do love women, including those that are unborn and try to help those in tough situations. I’m glad to see you are not one of those who are for the dismembering of them. Good on you!