This Killed Me

33 of the most awesome teachers on the planet.

Quotes that seldom appear in those “Golden Treasures of Spiritual Wisdom” books
Hysteria about the Indiana RFRA is the Ebola Panic for Lefties
Live forever, Stephan Pastis
Japan: World’s Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Weird
  • Monica

    That was GREAT. Thank you.

  • ivan_the_mad


  • Foxhole Atheist

    Hysterical…thanks for sharing

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    Oh I wish I had seen these back when I was still teaching. I laughed so hard I cried. I had a HS physics teacher who could have been on this list. He might have written the Justin Beiber problem.

  • Evan

    I posted the link on Facebook, and I discovered that a friend of mine from college had one of those teachers in high school.