Trying to sort out the media reactions to NSA-quiddick

So far it appears to be something along the lines of “It is incredibly scary that the government is spying on all of us and we think Edward Snowden, the person who bravely told us this could well be a traitor who should be executed while we applaud Glenn Greenwald for getting this scoop and we are really afraid (because the people this leak exposes tell us to be) that the Terrorists[TM] will use it to kill us all and we hope the government that lied to us about all this is trustworthy and only wants to protect us because all we really want is to be safe which is more important than the freedom The Terrorists[TM] hate us for so please keep inviting us to the White House Press Corps Dinners since we are the nation’s watchdogs not lapdogs and now a word from our sponsors who are incestuously involved with White House policy.”

Remember: This is the Age of Reason.

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