Using Metadata to Find Paul Revere

Pretty funny:

London, 1772.

I have been asked by my superiors to give a brief demonstration of the surprising effectiveness of even the simplest techniques of the new-fangled Social Networke Analysis in the pursuit of those who would seek to undermine the liberty enjoyed by His Majesty’s subjects. This is in connection with the discussion of the role of “metadata” in certain recent  events and the assurances of various respectable parties that the government was merely “sifting through this so-called metadata” and that the “information acquired does not include the content of any communications”. I will show how we can use this “metadata” to find key persons involved in terrorist groups operating within the Colonies at the present time. I shall also endeavour to show how these methods work in what might be called a relational manner.

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  • Stu

    One of the challenges in the current debate about the collection of metadata is that quite frankly people do not understand what is being collected and why in aggregate it is very powerful stuff.

  • Ishmael_Alighieri

    Not funny at all. Given a more robust data set and analysis, my name (and yours) would likely pop out as related to all sorts of currently iffy organizations: Catholic churches and schools, pro-life organizations (terrorists, right?) and organizations that support alternative schools. Heck, I shop at Hobby Lobby. If, based on this suspicious profile, they were to go to my blog or look for comments I’ve made, I’m clearly anti-American in the current sense of not loving Obama.

    Then, given that a creative mind can find treason in any six honest lines written by an honest man…

  • ganganelli

    Ya’ll will love to have this power if you ever get the White House back. I visit the Daily Kos and the Nation magazine…..I expect to be waterboarded if the Canadian usurper Ted Cruz is ever “elected”

    • chezami

      Boy did you come to the wrong blog to level that accusation. Google “Mark Shea” and “torture”. I am a vocal opponent of “let us do evil that good may come of it” no matter who is doing it.

      • ganganelli

        I am aware of your position. It is very commendable and, in my experience,very rare on the right.

        • Jon W

          Well then, do what you can to make sure we never get this power by eschewing it when your own people do it, rather than fiddling a tu quoque while Rome burns.