What do you call some one with just a nose and no body?

Nobody Nose.

Ah me! I slay me.

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  • ivan_the_mad

    Terrible. There should be laws against this sort of thing.

    Regardless of what you call it, you should call Kovalyov. He’s probably looking for it 😉

  • TheRealAaron

    Once there was a man who only had a head and neck with no body from the neck down. He lived a reasonably happy life, but always wished he could have a full body.

    Then one day while he was at the store, a doctor saw him and told him about a new experimental procedure to give the man a torso. Of course he agreed to take part, and the surgery was scheduled for later that month.

    With nervous excitement, the man went in for his surgery. The doctor put him under, and when he awoke from the surgery he had a an upper body, with bulging arms, broad shoulders and six-pack abs.

    As this surgery had taken so well, the doctor gave him the option to have another surgery to include legs. The man agreed immediately and was scheduled for another operation the following week.

    This time when he awoke from surgery, he had hips and legs! The legs were quick and nimble, allowing him to leap and dance for the first time in his life!

    The man was so excited he went running into the street to go home and show his family his new body. Sadly, he didn’t look both ways and was struck by a car.

    Lying in the street, he knew for the first time that there were drawbacks to a body as well. Realizing his folly, he cried out to the heavens “I should have stopped while I was a head!”

  • Sigroli

    The man with the most nose knows most.

  • Ron Van Wegen

    You wrote…
    “Nobody Nose. Ah me! I slay me. … [
    I decided not to.
    I have my dignity to consider (sniff).