When the Executive Has the Power to Murder Whoever He Likes on His Secret and Unilateral Will Alone…

We should not really be surprised when those who work for the executive do sketchy things. A reader writes:

Remember that guy who was shot during his FBI interview in FLA a couple weeks ago. Remember how we were told he “suddenly became violent and attacked his interviewers with a knife”. Then it was no knife, but a steel pipe, then not a pipe but nothing. But “he was a trained martial artist”, then it came out he was still recovering from knee surgery. Seems British investigative journo George Monbiot has been uncovering a lot of discrepancies in the story. Also the father of the deceased was less than cooperative with the authorities. Seems the FBI was unaware that the family members could take pictures of the body with a phone and upload them to the net, revealing the suspect having been riddled with 7 shots, and finished off with 1 bullet to the back of the head, execution style. Seems the drone war is coming home to roost, after all, if assassinating suspects makes sense overseas, why not at home?

When you can secretly murder people and, afterward, declare them terrorists who had it coming (which is Administration policy abroad with drone strikes) it only stands to reason you can do it domestically. Of course, we don’t *know* it happened here. But the multiply-shifting narratives being emitted by the state here do tend to around suspicions. If it were some gangland thug on the stand and not Caesar coming up with this stuff, we’d book him for investigation.

The Founding Fathers did not create the Constitution because they trusted the State. They created the Constitution because they deeply distrusted the State. Executives who claim the power to unilaterally and secret murder people with zero accountability are exactly what they distrusted. I think they were smart. This death should be investigated by somebody not in the pay of the Obama Administration or the FBI. This, along with the Obama intimidation of the press, and the IRS junk signals either woeful neglect of duty or deliberate policy. It does not signal a President fulfilling his oath.

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