Why Trust These People?

Meanwhile, a *deeply* concerned Senate, having told us that The Terrorists[TM] will kill us all if we find out how the Ruling Class is spying on us, demonstrates its burning concern over this world-historical crisis in intelligence by (most of them) skipping town rather than bothering with a briefing on the NSA.

I am, so far, persuaded that Snowden betrayed Caesar. I have yet to be convinced that he betrayed his country.

  • Rachel

    well said Mark!

  • Sheila Hughes


  • Pavel Chichikov

    You don’t believe there is any threat from terrorists?

    • chezami

      I don’t believe the threat gives the state the right to created a vast surveillance state to spy on its citizens and that exposure of the creation of this surveillance state, spying on innocents, is a danger to national security. I think it demonstrable Snowden has betrayed Leviathan. I think the jury is out on whether he betrayed his country. I regard that State as *far* more dangerous than Snowden or The Terrorists[TM].

  • Pavel Chichikov

    If you think you’re living under Leviathan try living in China for a while.

    As for Snowden, I’ve already said what I think. I’ll note what I heard a former Bush security official say in an interview this morning: That the whistle blower story appears to be turning into a spy story. Nothing I’ve read in the open press so far would cause me to reject that observation.

    Snowden’s claim, for example, in the Guardian today, that he speaks only to journalists strikes me as risible. I suppose they showed him their press credentials

    I have no special access, but as for danger I would place terrorists first in a list of the dangerous.

    • Dave

      Can’t the US and China both be Leviathan? I’d say the USA is Leviathan and China is Leviathan squared.

  • Pavel Chichikov

    The US isn’t Leviathan.

    This is Leviathan:

    A guy comes back to the cell after receiving his sentence under Article 58 in the Soviet legal code. A cellmate asks:

    What did they give you?

    Fifteen years.

    Fifteen years for what?

    For nothing.

    I don’t believe you. For nothing they give ten.