Your Puny Vestern Adwertising is Futile to Reach Post-Soviet Voman!

Enjoy your LOST Moment!
This killed me
Shocking Proof That the Pope is *Not* Infallible
Just one of many reasons I love Victor Lams
  • TMLutas

    I think I need to go to confession after watching that.

    • Joseph

      It’s because you laughed, isn’t it?

      • singermomma

        I laughed AND hit “replay.”

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    Oh. Dear. Me. I shall never enter the feminine protection aisle with a straight face again.

  • knittypig

    Um, wasn’t that kind of vulgar for a Catholic audience?

    • jcb

      You and I must know very different Catholics.

    • bill

      for me – yep pretty much

  • Joshua Gonnerman

    My favorite part is the way the shark roars. It’s like a Syfy Original!

  • singermomma

    If only she’d been wearing pants…

  • Dan Li

    Pardon my maniacal laughter.