Your Puny Vestern Adwertising is Futile to Reach Post-Soviet Voman!

"It's all about the awesome costumes, of course."

Because Christianity is nothing more than ..."
"The thing that's funny about this nonsense is that there are so many variations of ..."

Because Christianity is nothing more than ..."
"And then the conservative Christians will tell us Halloween is about the devil and everything ..."

Because Christianity is nothing more than ..."
"Question: What, in the name of God, does this have to do with being Catholic? ..."

Manchild Threatens World War III

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  • TMLutas

    I think I need to go to confession after watching that.

    • Joseph

      It’s because you laughed, isn’t it?

      • singermomma

        I laughed AND hit “replay.”

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    Oh. Dear. Me. I shall never enter the feminine protection aisle with a straight face again.

  • knittypig

    Um, wasn’t that kind of vulgar for a Catholic audience?

    • jcb

      You and I must know very different Catholics.

    • bill

      for me – yep pretty much

  • Joshua Gonnerman

    My favorite part is the way the shark roars. It’s like a Syfy Original!

  • singermomma

    If only she’d been wearing pants…

  • Dan Li

    Pardon my maniacal laughter.