Andrew Sullivan Discovers Jolly Pride

No. Really.

Write about it as a joke yesterday, find it taken seriously today.

I am no longer Jolly, however, since I have lost 80 pounds and undergone Slender Identity Reassignment.

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  • Martha O’Keeffe

    Well, some degree of fat is not as unhealthy as it is made out to be. By the Body Mass Index calculator for men (the BMI is the standard by which you are judged to be normal, overweight, obese and so forth), this gentleman, at 5’7″ and 167 lbs, is overweight.
    Ladies, we should all look that good when we’re overweight, should we not? 🙂
    But very large amounts of excess weight are unhealthy, just as going in the opposite direction and starving yourself down to fit into a dress is unhealthy.

    • Peanut Gallery

      Who is that, um, overweight man? I’ve discovered a sudden interest in his acting career.

      • Noah Doyle

        That would be Robert Conrad, if I’m not mistaken, in a scene from the delightfully silly ‘Wild Wild West’ TV show.

        • Peanut Gallery

          Thanks! I’ll look into that show.

    • Mariana Baca

      BMI is for sedentary body types. It is a statistical average. It isn’t wrong, but for someone that works out a lot, measuring body fat directly is more accurate.

  • Tim Jones

    Mark, Mark, Mark… this “weight loss” thing is a cruel scam. What next, “Pray yourself thin?”. God made you the way you are! As you know, all our desires are self-justifying. It’s unhealthy to deny yourself anything you really, really want. The Old Testament banned bacon, Mark. Bacon. So, that means we may ignore everything the Bible about temperance and other archaic moral taboos. Anyway, Jesus never said one thing about being fat. It’s about LOVE. Love is never wrong, and I love doughnuts.

  • Elaine S.
  • The other Mark

    You’ve betrayed Golly Kind? Shame on you Mark! You’re a skinny Tom!
    BTW, 80 lbs, that’s awesome, you rock!

  • lavallette

    The problem is that there is that while it is true that “body shape” is genetically determined and there are approved and proven medical and dietary treatments and regimes approved to keep it under control in order to limit its effects on one’s health, there is no “gay” gene and any suggested treatment is “anthema” to those who practice that are intrinsically against the natural law and design.