Devout Catholics Have Better Sex, Says US News and World Report

in a story that mentions fellow Patheosi Greg Popcak. This seems like a big huge “Duh!” to me since devout Catholics also tend to insist that sex is a sacramental union of love, not just a quick hook up. They see it as involving not just the love of one’s life, but the love of God. The see children, not as a disastrous side effect, but a bonus. And they know how to party! When you go into sex full bore, as a union of body, soul, and spirit designed to bring forth children, rather than with your fingers crossed behind your back, afraid she’s going to ask you to commit, afraid you will wind up a parent, struggling with latex, and pills, and IUDs, and worried about STDs: yeah you’re going to have better sex.

It’s often forgotten that the gospel while difficult in a fallen world is nonetheless about cooperating with, not fighting against our nature as human beings. Obey God and you find that life often gets a lot less complicated and happier. Devout Catholic sex, unlike almost all modern sex, is natural. Natural stuff is easier.

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