Good News From Texas

Abby Johnson’s abortion clinic she used to run for Planned Parenthood in Texas has shuttered its doors as a result of the law which her conversion and lobbying helped to pass.

God is good.

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  • singermomma

    If you, like me, are hearing cries of “but what about health care for the poor?” in response to these closures, I encourage you to check out this link:

    Your tax dollars at work, providing free or very subsidized health care to the poor and under-served at 300 sites throughout Texas, much more efficiently and cheaply than through the local PP. Unless of course someone who says “health care for women” actually means “abortion past 20 weeks at an out-of-code sub-standard facility,” in which case, yeah, they’re out of luck.

  • jcb

    If it really is just a result of the new law, I’m surprised they gave up so easily. A challenge to the law in the courts is pretty inevitable, after all.

    • Amanda

      They already plan to sue the state to challenge the law. I’m guessing they did this to add more credence to their claim that the law forced the closing of abortion clinics. In reality most of the clinics can make the necessary improvements and stay open. In Pennsylvania where similar increased regulations were enacted, only three clinics closed, and two of those were shut down by the state for violating standards, including frozen blood lining a freezer and dirty surgical tools.

  • Mel

    This reveals a stunning truth. Planned Parenthood claims that abortions services only account for 3% of their services. Would you close your business down if you lost 3%? No! Truth is Planned Parenthood cannot survive with the profit making machine of abortion, and hence, cannot provide care for “Women’s Health”..

    • introvert_prof

      Abortion services only account for 3% of procedures, not 3% of revenues.

      • singermomma

        Based on documents made public by PP, conservative estimates put it at about 37% of revenues.

  • Amanda

    And since the bill was passed and signed by the governor, it has rained almost daily here in the drought-stricken capital city.

    Based on the press release by PP on this clinic closing, in which they blame the closing on the passage the law, it is obvious that instead of attempting to meet the increased standards required more than a year from now, they will close the clinic in order to continue to spread the lie that pro-life lawmakers do not care about women’s health.