If the Legionaries had any decency at all…

They would fork the whole $60 million dollars back over to the family. But being the Evil Robot of Destruction Maciel built the organization to be, I highly doubt the Robot will go on doing anything but what Maciel programed the robot to do: take money, cover up evil, and destroy.

The whole thing needs to taken apart bolt by bolt until there is nothing left. The Church is in the business of redemption and I admire the people who are trying to see if there is something to be done to salvage the work done by all the nice, kind, good and duped Legionaries who just wanted to serve God. But the organization itself is designed and built by a monster precisely in order to exploit the good work of nice people and pervert it to the ends of the founder.

You may be the sweetest, kindest data entry person in the world. The fact remains that machines don’t do what data entry people *want* them to do. They do what they are *designed* to do. The Legionaries is a machine designed to enrich and enable a monster, while covering up his monstrousness. It will continue doing what he built it to do. The only way to help the people caught in the machinery is to take the machine apart, and connect them with something authentically of Christ elsewhere in the Church.

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