Kevin O’Brien Offers a Retraction and Apology, and Therefore So Do I

I was told by two sources, one of them Kevin, that James O’Keefe had secretly recorded conversations at an American Chesterton Society dinner a couple of years ago. Kevin now reports that this is not true and was the result of some sort of misunderstanding. I have therefore deleted posts which linked to that claim and hereby retract and apologize to Mr. Keefe for running the link.

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  • Jared Clark

    Good on you for the retraction. Always glad to see someone striving to report truth!

  • demathis

    Refreshing to see Christian principles of repentance and reconciliation work! Wonder how you would have counseled Bonhoffer about his involvement in the plot to assassinate Hitler?

    • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

      Read Thomas Aquinas on tyrants.

    • Dave G.

      The first thing you’d have to do is willingly stay behind in a country where criticizing the government could lead to imprisonment and death. Then you’d have to become actively involved in resisting that same government even if it ended up meaning death to you and/or your loved ones. At that point, you could start sweating the details of the counseling session.

    • chezami

      I would have said, “Go for it.”

  • demathis

    Not intended as smart-alec(sp?)question. Innocent millions had been killed.The non-Catholic churches had negotiated, compromised and otherwise failed to recognize the evil of Hitler’s rise. How was he to be stopped?

    • Dave G.

      It wasn’t just the non-Catholic churches. Likewise, Catholics who resisted were not alone among Christians.