More of the Blessings of Atheistic Communism

Communism screws up and destroys and kills everything it touches, Christian and pagan.  In pagan China, the duty of filial piety (aka “Honor your Father and your Mother” and the corresponding duties to children) was a pillar of natural law.  The Commies, of course, destroyed it as they destroy everything good.  With the One Child Policy (praised by Murder Inc. here in the States), the duty to children was brutally murdered.  With the rise of consumer communist culture that combines the ugliest features of godless communism and godless consumerist capitalitism, what goes around comes around and now the children of One Child China feel no duty to their parents.  Consequently, the Commies discover the truth of Chesterton’s remark that those who reject the 10 Commandments will get the 10,000 Commandments:

Pay a visit to Grandma and Grandpa—or else they’ll see you in court. In China, a new law went into effect on Monday requiring people to care for their elderly parents, with provisions calling for children to see them regularly, or at least call on the phone. The law is intended “to protect the lawful rights and interests of parents aged 60 and older, and to carry on the Chinese virtue of filial piety,” the official China Daily newspaper reports, and the legislation gives seniors leverage to use on offspring. “Parents whose children live apart from them and fail to visit regularly can ask for mediation or file a lawsuit,” the newspaper says.

What if grown-up children don’t live nearby? The new law takes care of that, with a requirement for employers to allow workers time off from work to visit their elderly parents—although, as Bloomberg News reported when the amendments to the law passed last December, nothing in the legislation specifies how often the visits should be. The law enables the elderly to seek legal recourse and prohibits “discrimination, insult, ill-treatment and abandonment” of the aged.

So now the Commies have to pass little laws to fix the immense damage they caused by ignoring one big one.

We’re attempting exactly the same things.  We will face similar disastrous results.

But in our case, we are abandoning the Faith, while the Chinese are embracing it.  My money’s on China in the long run if that continues.

"Meanwhile, Ryan Devereaux continues his excellent reporting:"

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  • Sean P. Dailey

    Well. I’m convinced.

  • James Patton

    I don’t think Christian Communism faired any better historically…

    • I_M_Forman

      What is Christian Communism? Communism by it’s nature is atheistic.

      • James Patton

        I guess you never learned about the antinomian Ranters from the 17th Century? The Diggers? No? Yes?

    • Andy, Bad Person

      What is Christian Communism, and when has it ever been tried?

  • GrayMatter

    A few years ago, my husband and I visited a friend in Hong Kong. We also did several tours into mainland China. The Chinese tour guides went on endlessly about family, family, family, and how important family is to the Chinese. Then they told us how the government moved this entire fishing community into high-rises and how good that was for their families. Then we visited a “model city” that was nothing but tons of factories where all the workers are women and they come from miles away and send their money back to their families. So the city has about 10% men and 90% women. Oh yeah, and the factories have mesh “baskets” all around them to stop all the people who had previously been jumping from the rooftops. And the news station ran a story about how young people don’t want to get married, because they automatically inherit 4 parents to take care of and those parents are sometimes in their 40s and 50s. I know we have our share of problems in the US, but by the end of the trip, I’d about had it with all the storied happiness and the joyous families in China.

    • Billiamo

      Only recently did it occur to me that a one-child policy delivers a society free not only of siblings, but of aunts, uncles, and cousins.