Well Done, Texas!

Good job on passing the “Make Abortion Charnelhouses Adhere to Minimum Standards of Post-Gosnell Health Code Levels” bill over the protests of enraged and evil satan worshippers and vicious baby-slaughtering lunatics and enemies God and the human race.  Special props to Rick Perry for making it happen.  May such laws proliferate and may pro-aborts who oppose them grab themselves by both legs and tear themselves in two in pure frustration at their defeat.

In other happy news, hundreds of people love and want to adopt a sweet little baby with Down’s Syndrome.

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  • Andy

    Maybe it is my background or profession but I must take issue with “sweet little downie baby”. We are talking about a baby, who has a genetic defect. It is the use of downie or the downs child that becomes the focus of many people and thus leads to lowered expectations for the children with Down Syndrome. I think we need to focus on the child at all times.
    This is not a “political correctness” statement or any sort of plea for anything – just a request that we always start talking about people with disabilities by emphasizing their humanity first. By the way I work as a teacher educator with future educators who want to work with students/adults with severe and profound disabilities and prior to that I was a special educator.

    • pickaname

      Have to agree — “sweet little Downie baby” came off like “sweet little Rottie puppy” or “sweet little Doxie puppy” or something. Or a “sweet little old Alzie’s lady”.

      No. Just…no.

      • chezami

        Aw, come on. It’s a compliment. I have friends who’s kids have Down Syndrome and they are the sweetest-natured kids I know. I’m just happy that somebody sees that and welcomes this baby instead of treating it like a weed to be killed. Sheesh!

        • I know you mean well, Mark, but it just sounded weird to this mother of a boy with D.S.

          • chezami

            Okay. I changed it. No offense intended.

            • Oh, I’m absolutely positive you meant no offense, and thanks for considering our opinions! And now I’m off to pick up said boy, because the people in charging of school-busing are determined to make my life as complicated as possible.

              • Rebecca Fuentes

                I think that’s part of the universal job description of anyone in charge of a school bus schedule: make it as complex and inconvenient for as many people as possible.

  • “… may pro-aborts who oppose them grab themselves by both legs and tear themselves in two in pure frustration at their defeat.”

    Ugh. OK, you’re out of my “religion” RSS category now. I don’t have a “bloodlust” category, though, so Farewell for the time being, and may love for your enemies steadily grow within you.

    • Bill

      Bye Noah

    • Stu

      Maybe you could put it in the “Hyperbole” category.

    • The Deuce

      Okay Noah, break a leg!

  • Elmwood

    Aren’t there other steps this legislation must past before it’s made into Texas law?

  • Mike

    Hi Mark, For what it’s worth if you could say a little prayer for our little 20 week old one, please do. We found out yesterday that his urinary tract is blocked and the fluid around him is low and may affect his lung development and may even end up killing him. I am crying as I write this as we never thought this kind of thing would happen to us. His name is Edward and he has an older sister who we were hoping he’d get to meet this Christmas. Anyway we’re hopeful there’s something that can still be done but it’s a rush right now, it seems. Anyway, we’re booked for a detailed ultrasound tomorrow morning and a review with the doctors, so we’re praying for good results and a good prognosis. Maybe this isn’t the place for this in which case I apologize. I am not a regular contributor, at least not since disqu but I read you everyday at work and thought it would make us feel better if we sent you a note. Thank you.

    • singermomma

      Mike, I am so sorry to read this and will certainly pray for you and your family and son.

      • Mike

        Thank you.

        • singermomma

          Mike, I just saw this pop up on my Disqus and wondered how you and your family are doing. Please know that I just said another prayer for you all and for Edward, for whatever situation you are all in right now.

    • Oh, Mike, I’m so sorry. I’m praying for you too.

      • Mike

        Thank you, my wife and I are scared right now but we know we’ll get through this…maybe it’s silly but I keep praying for God to make me an instrument of his love, to transform me into a symbol of his love. As someone who only recently re-discovered his Catholic faith I never knew we would be tested like this. It’s like what some saints have said about wanting to be transformed but not just yet. Thank you again.

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      We will be praying too, Mike.

      • Mike

        Thank you.

    • Dr. Eric

      I offer my prayers through the intercession of St. Gianna Beretta Molla.

      • Mike

        Thank you.

    • Newp Ort

      Sent one up the wire for help for you and your family during this time, and for the life and health of your son. I prayed for the intercession of St Maximilian Kolbe. Don’t know if this is his specialty but I was just reading about him and it seemed apt.

      • Mike

        Thanks, if you remember me Newp Ort we got into it once over some subject but then quickly made up. We’re off to our app. now so we’ll know alot more this afternoon. Thank you for your prayers. What he has is a blockage in his urethra caused by a flap of skin that shouldn’t be there…apparently only boys get it, so go figure the things get us into trouble even before we’re born!. Anyway, thank you.

    • Mike

      Thank you to everyone for praying for us. He won’t make it out of the womb but we’re blessed to have him with us for now. Mark, sorry if maybe this wasn’t the place to post this but I was overcome and wanted to share it with other Catholics and I knew that you sometimes posted public prayer requests. Mark, I also want you to know that it had absolutely nothing to do with the subject of the post, it just happened to be the post that was up at the time. We don’t have really any Catholic friends where we live so it’s been nice to be able to get on here. He’s been diagnosed with PUV and a severe case of it. It happens to maybe 1 in 10,000 boys. Anyway thanks folks.

  • Bastral Bane

    Dang I was so hoping to pick a nit or criticize something you said but two others beat me to it. Guess I’ll have to resort to an ad hominem or something. Um…. your beard is ugly. There.