Caesar Has Always Been Jealous of God’s Omniscience

So he’ll be damned before he gives up the chance to spy on your most intimate details and make that info available to every tentacle of the octopus. So now that the rest of the feds know the data exist, their newfound need for the info all of sudden springs into existence. So much for the promises that the data are used only in rare instances and for exceptional circumstances.

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  • John Yochum

    I agree with half of this statement. Honestly, I doubt “Caesar” thinks about God at all, so I disagree that there is jealously involved. On the other hand new found “needs” for information will always be found…it helps justify their existence and makes them feel like they are doing something. Somehow the need to do “something” is always required…especially if it fits into your world view already (as the need to control). We see it everywhere, the need to force contraception/abortion coverage on everyone all the way to add new gun control.

    • Jon W

      Yup. There will always be a “need” in that people are wicked and bad guys secretive. What we’ve lost is the ability to balance and weigh these needs with the goods of knowledge and the evils of unjust interpretation in light of the ends of human life and civilization. Hence every need looks pretty damn needful in its own light and there’s nothing to say it isn’t. What’s worse, another Iraq or another 9/11? To be torturers or victims? We as a nation have no way of answering these questions.

  • Will

    Shame on the NSA for not sharing all of the good stuff. Who do they think they are?

  • Loretta

    Two thoughts. First, the background of the story. I have reason to doubt the New York Times’ reporting. This story is extremely general. What agencies? Who says? For what specific offenses, onshore or offshore? With or without warrant? With or without indictment? At what level of government? No one has gone on record, that I can see, in this story. Until somebody is willing to be quoted as a source on this, it’s all rumor-mongering and speculation, IMHO. There are also legitimate ways already for the Federal, state, and local Governments to gather information on you–that you cooperate with fully.

    Second, it’s an established reality of the marketplace that telephone lines, the airwaves, and the cable systems are regulated by the FCC as a public resource. There is, and never was, a guarantee of absolute privacy to satellite and cellular communications. You are making a radio transmission across public airwaves. It can be intercepted legally. That’s why top secret installations build secure communications networks (even then, not secure). Hard-wire telephone lines are much more confidential than cel phones, and these require warrants to tap. If you want to keep something truly private, you’ve got to arrange a face to face meeting in the middle of the desert. Even then, a secret is kept by two people only when one of them is dead.

    Let us not become wildly paranoid of Uncle Fed. With 300 million plus Americans making an average of ten telephone calls a day, that’s three billion calls, isn’t it? Even Big Brother with all his computers can’t watch that more effectively than Comcast can. Instead, fear Comcast.