Matthew Fox long ago got tired of old and busted regular boring Christianity.

Solution: The Cosmic Mass!

Matthew Fox, for those of you pups too young too remember, was once a Dominican. He flipped out and got all into New Age cotton candy, featuring magical mystical bears and witches and who knows what all. A Midwest Dominican who somehow set up shop in San Francisco, he hung out there for years, doing his silly fluff until at long last his superior told him to shut up and come home. At this point, he humbly took out a full page ad announcing, “I HAVE BEEN SILENCED” and sometime after that made the most disastrous career choice a dissenting priest can make: he left the Catholic Church to go join the Thing that Used to be Episcopalianism.

(About the same time, the Duchess of Kent left the Anglican communion and became a Catholic. A friend remarked, “Oh goody! A hostage exchange!”)

Now, poor Matthew is just one more flake–and a rather mediocre one–in a communion filled with clerical flakes. When the highest muckety muck in your communion is denouncing St. Paul’s intolerance and lack of diversity for not welcoming demons, you and your Cosmic Mass are small beer, Matt.

Meanwhile, in the land of grown-up adult non-narcissists with an ability to conceive of responsibility to God and others, meet Fr. Patrick Allen.

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  • Paxton Reis

    Living in the Bay Area, our local paper included statements from Matthew Fox in an article following the selection of Pope Benedict. Mr. Fox stooped to making Nazi references about Pope Benedict–so much for love and tolerance in the cosmos.

  • D.T. McCameron

    “The Cosmic Mass … came from young Anglicans in Sheffield, England whowere connecting their positive experiences of rave dancing with the westernliturgy.”


    • Fr. Darryl

      And also: from what I can tell the mass of the universe is estimated to be between 10^53 kg and 10^60 kg. 🙂

  • Robert

    You can’t get any more “cosmic” than a Catholic Mass.

  • Andy, Bad Person

    And one of the first picture on the page features giant puppets. What is it with those things and weirdos? It’s self-caricature.

  • The Anglican communion is a wonderful place to be for those of us who are aesthetic Catholics. Episcopal Church is ideal for the practising Christian, not the believing Christian.

  • silicasandra

    Matthew Fox? Isn’t he the guy from Lost?

  • moseynon

    Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear…

    The 1960s live again!

  • Sharon

    I was surprised to learn that newly ordained Fr Patrick Allen father of two, had been a Catholic at some time in his life. It was my understanding that a man who had been baptised Catholic, left the Catholic church, joined a protestant church, became a minister of that church and married could of course return to the Catholic Church but could not become a married Catholic priest.

    • Alexander S Anderson

      There’s a good chance he had to get special permission for that.

      • Sharon

        What’s the point of having a rule if it is not observed e.g. the rule that permanent deacons couldn’t re marry when their spouse dies is also observed more in the breach than the observance.
        This sort of thing gives poorly catechised Catholics the impression that everything is up for grabs and if we ask long enough we can do it e.g. female altar servers and communion in the hand were a liturgical abuse until Rome caved.

        • Dan F.

          Generally, with special permission from the bishop (perhaps all the way to Rome, I can’t remember) it is possible for a married man to become a priest – just not the other way around. In this particular instance he is part of the Anglican Ordinariate which Pope Benedict set up to provide a clear path for Anglicans to join in communion with Rome en masse while maintaining some forms particular to their

          It hasn’t much been discussed in the last few years but this may have been one of the biggest blessings Pope Benedict left us as well as an example for how to potentially integrate faithful Lutheran congregations and others.

  • Elmwood

    I think Frank Zappa said it best:

    What’s there to live for?
    Who needs the peace corps?
    Think I’ll just DROP OUT
    I’ll go to Frisco, buy a wig & sleep on Owsley’s floor

    Walked past the wig store
    Danced at the Fillmore
    I’m completely stoned
    I’m hippy & I’m trippy, I’m a gypsy on my own
    I’ll stay a week & get the crabs & take a bus back home
    I’m really just a phony but forgive me ’cause I’m stoned

    Every town must have a place where phony hippies meet
    Psychedelic dungeons popping up on every street

    First I’ll buy some beads
    And then perhaps a leather band to go around my head
    Some feathers and bells
    And a book of Indian lore
    I will ask the Chamber of Commerce how to get to Haight Street
    And smoke an awful lot of dope
    I will wander around barefoot
    I will have a psychedelic gleam in my eye at all times
    I will love everyone
    I will love the police as they kick the s$#! out of me on the street
    I will sleep…
    I will, I will go to a house…
    That’s, that’s what I will do:
    I will go to a house where there’s a rock & roll band ’cause the groups all live together
    And I will join a rock & roll band and I will be their road manager
    And I will stay there with them and I will get the crabs
    But I won’t care because…

  • bob

    The rave “mass” has been around for years. Fox and Episcopalians everywhere are why C.S. Lewis wrote “All that is not eternal is eternally out of date”.

  • Rebecca Duncan

    Why did you have to subject us to that. That is some cosmic evil.

  • David Elton

    The “Cosmic Mass” looks like an excellent place to meet chicks!

  • honzik

    I loved the picture of Fr. Allan’s son coming up to be next to him when he was ordained. A lovely, innocent human act that was not hindered by the bishops. Very Christ-like!