Go Out. Make a Mess. Stir Things Up. Christify the World.

Pope Francis gets it.  So does Fr. Robert Barron.  God help us do it.

What gifts these men are. Thanks be to God. They give me great hope.

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  • Andy, Bad Person

    What is it about Fr. Barron that makes me instantly stop everything I’m doing, shut up, and listen?

    • It’s not those new glasses.

      • Lynn

        The new glasses certainly made me stop, but I haven’t listened yet. Fr Barron in hipster specs just doesn’t float my boat.

        • chezami

          Hipster. Glasses?

          • Lynn


            Not sure what clarification you’re looking for, but given that I didn’t know what hipster glasses were two weeks ago, I’m going with a straightforward definition 😉

            For the record, I<3 Fr Barron.

            • UAWildcatx2

              They would only be hipster glasses if they didn’t have a prescription in the lenses.

              • Hey, I’ve been wearing glasses since before they were cool! They’re played out now, too popular, so I guess I’d better get Lasik.

                • Andy, Bad Person

                  So, Beadgirl, are you trying to say that you liked those hipster glasses before they were popular? That’s pretty meta…

              • Lynn

                So if someone with poor eyesight wants to be a hipster, do they have to wear contacts underneath?

                • UAWildcatx2

                  Hmm…see, I would think that their parents would pay for lasik, and they would still wear non-prescription frames. 😀

  • Kristen

    People. How did this get derailed into a discussion of frame choice for prescription eyewear???

    • Because you can only say “Fr. Barron is great big studly mass of awesome” so many times before it just gets tedious, and you have to find something else to talk about. I picked his new glasses because they startled me. 😉

  • Fr. Barron has the charism of explaining things clearly, which is utterly compelling in a confusing and complex time like ours.

  • Elmwood

    I think the christian life in our world really amounts to a long defeat. St. Peter could be our pope and little will change. Our biggest hope lies with big observant Catholic families and not with the persona of the pope or his tweets. We should focus our efforts in out breeding everyone else IMO.