Hey, Roma, Texas!

I’m headed your way today to speak to some 500 youthly folk this weekend! Hope to see you there!

Hey Ames, Iowa!
Hey New York City! I'm coming your way!
Hey Orange, NJ! I'm coming your way April 20!
Hey Indianapolis! I'm coming your way March 11
  • Heloise1

    Welcome to Texas. Enjoy.

  • Dillon T. McCameron

    Hey! That’s only a hundred-ish miles away from where I live!

    Where at exactly?

  • Paxton Reis

    Weather has cooled off in central Texas this week…only in the mid-90s now.

    Not sure about the border area.

    • Dillon T. McCameron

      Still mid to upper, hasn’t really peaked to the low hundreds this week, that I’ve noticed. Haven’t seen a forecast though.