Hey Western Washington!

I‘ll be speaking at St. Philomena parish in Des Moines, WA this evening at 7 PM.  We’ll be talking about the Beatitudes.

The Beatitudes crown the Ten Commandments and show us the way to complete happiness through the highly paradoxical teaching of Jesus, field-tested by the saints and shown to be true. Come and take a look at the surprising road to the happiness the whole world has been looking for since the dawn of time.

Hope to see you there!

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  • Alexander S Anderson

    Before anything else, my eye caught “I’ll be speaking at St. Philomena parish in Des Moines”, and I was like, “there’s no St. Philomena in Des Moines (Iowa)!” And then I saw the “WA” and the giant “Hey Western Washington!” staring me in the face. I guess it was just wishful thinking. I would totally be there if you spoke in Des Moines (Iowa).