Hilarious to Watch People Try to Control Francis

Currently, the panic in various watering holes for the Combox Magisterium is over the question of whether or not it was “sacrilege” for him to offer to God a beach ball given him by some joyful kids at WYD.

Next topics of discussion in the Combox Magisterium:

The Little Drummer Boy: Should the Church crack down on musicians who dare to commit the sacrilege of offering non-polyphonic music to God Almighty?

Our Lady’s Tumblers: Sacrilegious insult to the dignity of True True Purely Pure Reverence?

Francis will, thank God, continue to be his simple self and continue to be oblivious to the image masseurs. I love this guy so much. What an unexpected gift he is to the Church.

And he’s making life rough for the moneylenders in the Temple too. Go Pope go!

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