I love my country

…but I feel only a mixture of contempt and fear for my government:

I no longer live in a country where I am a citizen.  I am, I expect for the rest of my life, a subject and a suspect of a police state that exists primarily to protect our Ruling Class from the rest of us, and (where they see fit) to impose their will on the rest of us.  I can hope they are too lazy and lenient not to become jealous of the God I worship and seek his perks.  But if (as has happened before in human history) Caesar gets a mania for worship, omniscience, and omnipotence and starts demanding we have no other gods before him, then we could well see Cdl. George’s warning that his successors will soon be martyrs.

By the way, the fruit of the Noble Lie that Catholics have been arguing to defend so strenously of late is found right here.  It’s weird to live in a time when so many Christians do the intellectual spade work for the people who want to destroy them.

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