Mark Movesian on the Persecution of Egypt’s Christians…

by the Bronze Age savages of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Pray for the Christians of Egypt.  Our government, with the infallible wrongness that has been the one consistent thread of our Middle East policy in Israel, Iraq, Syria, and Egypt, appears to be fixing to yet again pursue policies that make for the extermination of an ancient Christian Church in lands where it has existed for 2000 years.

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  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    Because you think that a government that features Karen Sebelius and the unspeakable Eric Holder would have the slightest objection to the uprooting of ancient churches from the American soil?

  • Thinkling

    I may need to confess undue cynicism, but this strikes me as a feature, not a bug.

  • kenofken

    Our foreign policy has always treated the lives of brown people as utterly expendable and a non-factor in policy making. Why does anyone think our government would suddenly get a pang of conscience because some of them happen to be Christian?

  • The Deuce

    I’m sure those Coptic Christians deserve it. Why, I bet they don’t even support a woman’s right to taxpayer-funded birth control! And they’re probably a bunch of Islamophobes toward those Muslims who are killing them!

    • kenofken

      How do you think the American culture war obsession over birth control has anything to do with this, even in jest? The Copts are targeted by Islamic fundamentalist in Egypt as they are in other unstable Muslim countries because they were historically aligned with the secular but vicious regimes of Mubarak, Assad, Hussein etc. who gave them a degree of protection and stability. Fundamentalists attack them due to that association and because fundamentalism rallies it cause around hatred of others and because Middle Eastern Christians serve as an easy proxy target for the Western societies and values they hate.

      • The Deuce

        “American culture war obsession over birth control”

        Meaning, of course, your obsession with birth control that you don’t like being challenged.

        Anyhow, I’m lampooning the categories in which your typical product of American cultural liberalism (such as the folks running the country at the moment) thinks about the plight of Coptic Christians, to the extent that they think about it at all.

    • newenglandsun

      Umm…Muslims are being killed too you know, right?

      • The Deuce

        But not by Coptic Christians you know, right?

      • Just a small note, the owner of Al Jazeera is a major supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. This doesn’t mean the story is right or wrong, but don’t be surprised if it’s viewed with suspicion.

        I would look for stories where casualties on both sides are reported. I assure you that both sides are suffering casualties.

        The Copts are suffering separately. They are not bidding for power. They are scapegoats, a role they share with jews in Egypt.

        • newenglandsun

          I’m not surprised. The media is always biased. CNN always remarks on how the Muslims are extremeists and looks for ways to pepper the story to make it as if the Muslims are the bad guys. Al Jazeera is an Islamic news media so they look for ways to make the Muslims seem innocent. Etc. I know that Al Jazeera does not support terrorism though.

  • Long-standing history major peeve: I’m guessing the expression “Bronze Age savages” as used hereabouts started as a way to twit atheists who always describe the authors of the Old Testament that way. Which is legit. However, given that not only the Bronze Age (ended in the Near East c. 1200 B.C.), but the Iron Age (ended in the Near East c. 586 B.C.) were over centuries before the birth of Muhammad, I don’t know that “Bronze Age” is the best descriptor for barbarously behaving Muslims, since their version of the Arian heresy post-dates the Bronze Age by A LOT. “Medieval” might work, except that using “medieval” as a pejorative sounds too much like Whiggish anti-Catholicism for me. Maybe “Jihadist jerks”? Anyway, just a nitpick. (And I know you’re kidding: it’s not like you think intolerant gay folks are actually Visigoths, either.) Carry on.