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A reader writes:

The blogosphere (at these within Catholic circles) has had a great deal of chatter in the past 12 months about a return to the beautiful.  The premise is pretty consistent – the world has refused Truth and is closed to Goodness – our best option to evangelize the culture is through Beauty, since it seems to be the only universal left.  With that in mind, we have some friends that welcomed some traveling musicians into their home.  The program is called Love Good Music (  The idea is that these folks travel to appeal for patrons, folks that agree to a monthly donation ($10 – $50 per month) to support the musicians in being solidly Catholic and creating Beautiful art (music).  It’s not Christian Rock necessarily – many songs don’t even mention God or Jesus.  On the other hand, it’s art that is inspired and moved by faith – and so can and will affect the culture in a positive way.  So my first reason for writing to you is to let you know of this program if you’re not already aware – and to spread the word if it strikes you.  Naturally the more folks that know, the more successful the program can be.

As far as the music itself, it has a wide variety.  But one of the musicians we heard last night is Kevin Heider.  He has a Mumford / Folk kind of feel great stuff.  But 2 songs in particular struck me.  The first is St. Brigid’s Fire – about her vision of heaven as a lake of beer.  Great stuff.  Give it a whirl.  But the other reminded me of a topic you hit on every so often – specifically the bombing of Japan.  The song is called Enola’s Wake.  Check it out.  Great tune and echoes much of what you attempt to convey to folks on a regular basis.

So if you’re so inclined, spread the word about Love Good Music, give those 2 songs a listen & sign up to become a patron to support the cause.

Check thou it out!

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