Something to Warm the Heart of Any Catholic Tech Geek

Good morning.   My name is Allison Gingras – I am a Catholic author, speaker and bi-weekly contributor to TechTalk on

In 2009, I launched a ministry called Reconciled To You – the primary work is to encourage Catholics, those who are active, those who have drifted away, and those who are not sure where they stand – to embrace the many gifts of grace God provides us in prayer, scripture and the Sacraments.  My main focus is to meet people where they are at – lately I’ve noticed that the place we find most people is attached to their smartphones.  I have also noted, especially as a mom of 2 teenagers and one of millions with AD/HD, that our attention spans are shrinking.

It is in combining these insights with my love for scripture and the Saints that I have developed a new App – the “Words With…” series… which will launch with “Words with Jesus” in November, 2013, and is being developed by Little i Apps (as you are probably aware developed – Missio, Rediscover Catholicism and the Confession app).     Following the Words with Jesus App…will be 4 more Apps — Words with…Mary, St. Paul, St. Therese, and St. Teresa of Avila (just for starters as the possibilities are endless).  These will all be 99 cent Apps – with the hope and desire to be able to offer some for free.  Each will be optimized for all devices that run Android and iOs operating systems.

I’ve launched a crowd funding campaign on – and am looking for help in spreading the word.  The link is  and my ministry website is .  I pray you will consider looking over these sites and sharing this initiative on your blogs.  Little i Apps is scheduled to being production on Sept. 1st, so time is a little of the essence.  I recently had the pleasure of spending 10 days in Rio for World Youth Day  where I witnessed millions of teens and young (and yes even older) adults on their phones – even ignoring the warnings of having them stolen so as to not be connected.  I believe in this idea, and the fruit of faith it can bear, if I can just get it into the market.

Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter.  It is so very much appreciated!!

God’s Many Blessings

Check thou it out!