Summorum Pontificum…

is now available in English and other language on the Vatican website. In case you are interested.

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  • Will

    Our pastor had an occasional weekday Mass in Latin and few came, so he stopped. This from a priest who said he became a priest wanting to say the Latin Mass.

    • johnnyc

      Curious about the Mass attendance in general in your parish. Because the TLM thrives elsewhere…..

      • Will

        What are the total number of people and parishes where the TLM is a regular Mass? We are in a small city in the midwest, but near other larger cities. Our parish has lost parishioners but I do not know if that is because of economic conditions, as I know some that have left because of our pastor (I could go on about that but won’t now). I know of no other Church in the area where the TLM is celebrated.

        • johnnyc

          Well I know the Catholic Church is growing in the south and many parishes have the TLM. I am in a TLM parish and we have many protestant converts. In my mens Bible group quite a few are converts to Catholicism and most say their reasons for converting were Truth, Eucharist and liturgy. So I don’t know if the growth is due to the TLM or if the TLM availability is due to the growth of the Church. Doesn’t matter I guess…..either way it’s a good thing.

  • Dan F.

    oh the irony. 😉

  • Thom Ryng

    And it only took six years! Looks like Vatican technology has finally made it to the 20th century!

    • Will

      It was in Hungarian! If my parents and grandparents were still around they could have read it.