Every Member of Our Ruling Class in Congress and the Executive Branch…

should be stripped of all personal wealth they have accrued since election (beyond the salary of office) and it should be distributed to these men and women and their widows and orphans.  They must also relinquish their home to these men and women, mortgage and tax free forever.

Then each member of our Ruling Class should be forced, at gunpoint and in perpetuity, to lick clean their boots each day.  If the vets are legless due to the feckless orders of our criminal Ruling Class sending them into harms way, they should instead be forced to lick clean their toilets.

Any member of our Ruling Class who resists or objects should be immediately sent to a battlefield as a minesweeper or a toilet cleaner.  He or she should be left there until our troops are brought home and reunited with their families.  If there is resistance to this, they should be tried for treason and given life in prison.

Only members of the Ruling Class who have served should be considered eligible for exemption, but even these (such as John McCain or John Kerry) who have parlayed their service record into a platform for launching reckless wars, should be subjected to the punishments prescribed above until our troops are brought home and our vets have adequate care, work, and housing.

All living members of past administrations and Congress should be subject to the same punishments and confiscations of personal wealth beyond salary of office.

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